Friday, November 15, 2013

Better Homes and Gardens Bedroom Inspiration

I am currently soaking up all of the bedroom inspiration I can find since I am looking to make some changes to our master bedroom. When I stumbled on this slideshow on the Better Homes and Gardens website, I fell in love with all of these rooms. I'm trying to create a room with a bit more of a masculine feel to it since I do share with my husband, but I love so many elements in the rooms that showcase a pink, feminine side.

I think the rooms with pink and gold accents are absolutely beautiful, and since we are having a baby girl in March, (!!!!), maybe I will save that palette for her.

All photos can be found here.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Coming out of the woodwork.

I have been on a little blogging hiatus, but for good reason! Explanation coming soon...So here we are, coming out of the woodwork to share this gorgeous room. I love the color palette here! And the fabric on those chairs is to die for! Blues and oranges are a color combination that works well, but only with certain shades. This bold blue and bold orange are just right and really make the room pop.

Seeing rooms that so beautifully display bright, vibrant colors like this always make me want to jump out of my comfort zone and re-decorate with some really statement-making colors.

Photo via Southern Charm and fabrics found at Calico.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Sophia's Decor

Do you ever find yourself browsing and then you stumble upon something really fantastic and it's  like you were meant to see it because you got there the most random way possible that it surely could not have just been by chance? (Phew.)

That's me. And Sophia's Décor.

I came across this blog and fell in love with the home tour. One thing I really love is that you just kind of get an idea of how this family is. You get so much personality that you kind of feel like you know them already even though you just stumbled onto their blog like 30 seconds ago.

The pink "Sweet Dreams" room is just how I would want a room to look if I am ever blessed with a little girl. I am in love with that pillow on the settee! And the striped fabric is so perfect. There are so many charming aspects to this home, and these are just my favorite photos! So be sure to go check out Sophia's Décor Home Tour for the full tour!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Joel Dessaules

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Because you just need some gorgeous yellow and turquoise in the summa-time.... You know what I mean? I love these colors together because it is almost impossible not to be happy when you see them.

I love them so much, in fact, that I even chose them as my wedding colors back in May of 2010.

These are some gorgeous shots from the works of Joel Dessaules. He designed this home for a client that wanted a resort-style feel to their living space. I think he hit it right on the nose, especially with his choice of colors. I mean, with a pool like that, it's like summer all year round, right?

I also love his concept of "blurring the line between indoor and outdoor spaces". It definitely goes with the resort-living theme and makes it feel just like you are on vacation on a private island or somewhere super exotic at least.

Hope this color palette puts a smile in your day too! Have a happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Breakfast Nooks

I do not have a breakfast nook. Sad, right? I know they aren't standard in the same way as a bathroom or kitchen, but they are just so... perfectly lovely. Plus, it just sounds cool to have a breakfast nook. A special place for the meal with the best food deserves it's own little nook.

I found these photos from Better Homes and Gardens and they are exactly what I envision when I think of breakfast nooks. Bright and colorful. How every single morning should begin.

Flowers are always a great option for adding a pop of color and a touch of beauty to a room. I love the flowers in these nooks. I am the biggest fan of a fresh gorgeous bouquet, but to make your decor last longer, you can just pick up some silk flowers. Still gorgeous.

And if you are lucky enough to have a breakfast nook with a corner bench for seating, here's what you do. First, invite me over so we can be best friends. Second, pick up some pillows. It's a good idea to mix and match with some colors, textures and patterns as it creates a fuller and more interesting display.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Tobi Fairley

I posted some patriotic photos from Tobi Fairley on the 4th, and have been drooling over the gorgeous colors in these non-patriotic rooms since. So, here is another look into the works of Tobi Fairley with photos via Canadian House and Home.

I love love love the neutral rooms with gorgeous pops of color. This always maintains the lightness and airiness of the room while still making it colorful and vibrant. Tobi also has amazing attention to detail, and I love how she uses lots of individual details to make the entire room perfect.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Singin' the Blues


You know how you eat an entire Thanksgiving dinner and then you get to the end where the pie is waiting for you, partake of the deliciousness and then the pie just hits the spot? Like, nails it. Even though you have already stuffed your face full of turkey, stuffing, rolls, sweet potatoes, etc., etc.? Somehow that pie just gets the job done.

Blue rooms kind of do that for me. Like the blue just completes everything and makes it all work together. I think that is why I love this room so much. And the blue and white just always seem so fresh and clean. I love the patterned chair and the way the bronze works with the wood to tie in together and give a little depth. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

Just like a Thanksgiving feast.

Ok, ok enough with Thanksgiving. I really don't know where that analogy came from but sometimes you just have to go with it, right?